Oni Futatsu Manga

Alternate Name: 
Fujimatsu Mei
Fujimatsu Mei
Japanese Manga (Read from right to left.)

In a world where people and Shinkis (Inner demons) normally coexist, A highschool student named Kei, who’s currently living with his aunt, is someone who hates Shinkis and he has been hiding his shinki inside him throughout his life. However, he was caught up in a big trouble that caused his Shinki to get out!

Titlesort ascendingDate Added
Oni Futatsu 1117 Mar 2020
Oni Futatsu 1010 Feb 2020
Oni Futatsu 922 Jan 2020
Oni Futatsu 824 Nov 2019
Oni Futatsu 628 Oct 2019
Oni Futatsu 728 Oct 2019
Oni Futatsu 33 May 2019
Oni Futatsu 52 May 2019
Oni Futatsu 428 Apr 2018
Oni Futatsu 28 Nov 2017
Oni Futatsu 18 Nov 2017