Lassie Manga

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Takahashi, Yoshihiro
Takahashi, Yoshihiro
Japanese Manga (Read from right to left.)

The story of Lassie begins with her birth in a petstore. She was raised here, but everytime she got bought by costumers, she ran back to the store. In the end, no one wanted her. One day, a young girl named Asuki is employeed at the petstore and she immidialy throws her love on Lassie. She takes the dog for walks, pet and feed her. On one of their daily walks, Asuki is being attacked by three guys who try to rape her. Lucky enough, the guys did not complete their goal because Lassie attacks them. Asuki is so gratefull for her rescue that she give Lassie a small pendent. She promise to come and pick up Lassie as soon as she can afford to keep a dog. A few months later Akusi calls the store, only to find out that Lassie has been sold. However, Akusi can not buy her from the new owners since Lassie has run away from them. And thus, Lassis s journey began.

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Lassie 1628 Jun 2016
Lassie 1528 Jun 2016
Lassie 1428 Jun 2016
Lassie 1328 Jun 2016
Lassie 1228 Jun 2016
Lassie 1128 Jun 2016
Lassie 1028 Jun 2016
Lassie 928 Jun 2016
Lassie 828 Jun 2016
Lassie 728 Jun 2016
Lassie 628 Jun 2016
Lassie 528 Jun 2016
Lassie 428 Jun 2016
Lassie 328 Jun 2016
Lassie 228 Jun 2016
Lassie 128 Jun 2016