Korean Manhwa

The first runaway dragon Arin's danger-filled human adventure story!!! In the huge mountain range of Laruteahd, lived the most vicious of all dragons, the clan of the Red Dragons... A 300-year-old young(?) hatchling who longed for adventure, Red Dragon 'Kalsarin' used the only magic he knew, "Polymorph" to transform into a human and run away from home. Arin who became human, in dreams of becoming the adventurer he had hoped for, instead gets chased by orcs and was sold off as a slave. Then somehow, he ends up becoming a princess, and starts off his rough adventures as a human being!

TitleDate Addedsort descending
Kalsarin 189 Jun 2021
Kalsarin 173 Apr 2021
Kalsarin 1612 Mar 2021
Kalsarin 1518 Feb 2021
Kalsarin 1414 Feb 2021
Kalsarin 1313 Feb 2021
Kalsarin 1211 Feb 2021
Kalsarin 119 Feb 2021
Kalsarin 108 Jan 2021
Kalsarin 927 Nov 2020
Kalsarin 825 Oct 2020
Kalsarin 716 Oct 2020
Kalsarin 626 Sep 2020
Kalsarin 511 Sep 2020
Kalsarin 46 Sep 2020
Kalsarin 36 Sep 2020
Kalsarin 26 Sep 2020
Kalsarin 16 Sep 2020