Ichioku-nen Button wo Renda shita Ore wa, Kizuitara Saikyou ni Natteita: Rikudai Kenshi no Gakuin Musou

Alternate Name: 
I hit the button for a million years and before I knew it, I was the strongest I Realised That I Became the Strongest After Spamming the 100 Million Years Button - The Dropout Swordsman Who Became Unparalleled Ichioku-nen Button o Renda Shita Ore wa, Kizu
SHIDOU Yuutarou

A boy, Allen-Lordle, who is despised as "Rakudai Kenshi" by his surroundings. One day, he decides to leave the sword arts school and duel with his classmate, the genius swordsman Dodriel. While despairing for an unwinning battle, Allen happened to get a "100 million year button." !? It is "one hundred million years pressing, bound to the world of the time," was the button cursed

However, it pummeled him one billion years button that took advantage of the fact, a dozen million years also of the End of study - I learned the ultimate sword skill! After that, Allen overwhelmed Dodriel and had excellent results at the swordsmanship competition. Furthermore dive is talk of recommendation admission from the swordsmanship of the prestigious "Senha School"!?

Now fail swordsman in hand the strongest force, its name to the world Todorokaseru!