Class-goto Shuudan Teni Shimashita ga, ichiban Tsuyoi Ore wa Saijaku no Shounin ni Gisouchuu

Alternate Name: 
The Whole Class was Transported Along, But I’m Hiding My Strength By Masquerading as a Merchant クラスごと集団転移しましたが、一番強い俺は最弱の商人に偽装中です
Kawachino Bontenmaru
Japanese Manga

I, Takayama Aruto was summoned again in replay mode, keeping all of my past stats. This time, a large Hero’s Summoning was conducted which brought along the whole class. Sick of doing the job of a Hero, I hid my stats from the others and chose to become a merchant. But, I must have hidden my stats so well that our summoner thought I was trash and was casted aside. So, I decided to form a party with the three beauties in my class who were similarly thought to be useless (a Tsundere, a lolita and a meek girl)! But, it’s okay. I still have my Item Box and Item Shop. I’ll just have to make whatever it is I need! And so, I led a relaxed life in another world creating items DIY and hawking, but…… The Dragon Demon Lord and my past wife, a succubus comes knocking on my doorstep and seeking love. It seems that the transmigration this time is going to be troublesome yet again!


TL;DR Version: OP Harem Isekai Protag gets Isekai'd again (with his entire class this time), hides double OP abilities for slow-life living, starts new harem with girls from the class and the harem from the first otherworld that followed him to this one.