Nice Guy Syndrome MangaNice Guy Syndrome   MangaHan Sae Bik, a beautiful singing voice, wishes to be a famous singer in Southern Korea. She moved to Seoul along with her family in order to fulfill her dream. However, she failed in all 48 singing auditions not because of her talent but her unconventional style. Her family, especially her...
Noragami - Clash of The Gods of Calamity MangaNoragami - Clash of The Gods of Calamity MangaNoragami Special,tells the story of the encounter between Yato and Magatsukami Rabou. Spin-off of Noragami
Nickelodeon MangaNickelodeon Manga A Collection of short stories. • Heart Food • Facehugger • The Collector and Phantom Pain • Poohta's Forest • High Heels and Sneakers • Funny Game • Kopi Kopi Luwak • Afterlife Jaunte • The Kaguya Paradigm • Vigilante • Warren Wilson Dies...
Needless Zero MangaNeedless Zero Manga
Nine Tails MangaNine Tails Manga
Namiiro MangaNamiiro   Manga
Nagi no Asu kara MangaNagi no Asu kara MangaA story between the Sea and the Earth. Childhood friends Hikari and Manaka, who live in the sea, together with their friends Kaname and Chisaki, are forced to attend school on land after their own school undersea is closed. But due to a special encounter, their lives gain a new twist.
Necossas: Six MangaNecossas: Six   Manga One night an android which looked like a cat (a Necossass: Six type) suddenly appears in Katsuhiko Katsu's room. The android said she comes from the 22th century and that Katsu has left a note in a time capsule that he wanted to live with a robot-cat.