Furou Kyoudai MangaFurou Kyoudai   Manga In the bathtub together, in the restroom together... what is the reason these twins can't be separated even for a moment...?
Fairy Tail - Blue Mistral MangaFairy Tail - Blue Mistral MangaIn Fairy Tail Blue Mistral, Wendy—as a 12-year-old magical girl—will face the secrets of the dragon valley and she may find love in "Episode #0" story.
Full House II MangaFull House II   Manga
Fate/Extra MangaFate/Extra Manga In cyberspace the battle between magicians unfold. "Fate" might not be "Fate", and now, the new Holy Grail War has begun! Based of the PSP game of the same name, "Fate/Extra"
Flying Witch MangaFlying Witch Manga
Futago MangaFutago   MangaYukari was enjoying her single life until her elder twin sister, Ayaka, suddenly pays her a visit with a young man in tow, to ask for some strange advice! This is a story about a set of mismatched twins.
Fetish Berry MangaFetish Berry MangaAn unhealthy obsession with boys' hands, voices, and other things. Protagonist Mizuhara Hiyori has a difficult-to-explain fetish. In order to live a peaceful life, she hides her fetish away from the world and entered Blue Star Academy. There, she meets Narita Naohisa, a beautiful boy who discovers...
Fuku Neko MangaFuku Neko MangaOne day, a ronin on his way home gave a bentou to a cosplay cat girl. Unexpectedly, the cat girl then decided to stay at his house, resulting in the two living together. Another unexpected thing is that the girl turns out to be one of the mountain shrine Gods… Having to deal with the girls magic...
Flower Crown MangaFlower Crown MangaA high priestess rendezvous with an outwardly ambivalent ruler of a country with an unknown power. Tasked with ascertaining the legitimacy of this mysterious power, our heroine high priestess sneaks in the rulers palace to peek around. Unbeknownst to her there is much more than meets the eye to...
Fushigi na Shounen MangaFushigi na Shounen   MangaThe manga is composed of various episodes linked together by the mysterious boy with no particular name. The boy travels to different times and places, trading with different people, letting them see a glimpse of their future or past, or the secrets of others, and bets to see if they can change...
Family Compilation MangaFamily Compilation Manga Momoji Asami and his three brothers are told by their father to cross-dress, and he tries to be a perfect girl. However, this gains him unexpected attention from someone in his class.
Fairy Megane MangaFairy Megane   Manga A crossover between Fairy Tail and Yanki-kun to Megane-chan.
Free Draw MangaFree Draw MangaA diverse group of youths' spectacle school sitcom drama revolving around Han Tae Sung.
Futagami Double MangaFutagami Double MangaFutagami Sousuke, a normal junior high lives a normal life, until one night when he meets his ID, a collective of his residual feelings. His ID must be terminated before it kills him and replaces him.......what will occur in the life of Futagami Sousuke?
Full Contact MangaFull Contact MangaWhen Otawa Ryuuichi is dumped by a girl because she only likes strong people, he gets really depressed. While watching karate on tv he thinks "I want to be strong too!". The same day he is forced to join a karate dojo.