Adu of HadesAdu of HadesAdu is no ordinary human being. He is actually one of the 12 most powerful Demon Kings who, after making a pact with an angel, has been allowed to materialize into a human's body in the real world under one condition: He must seek and destroy all of the other Demon Kings. Being one of the...
Acma:GameAcma:GameThe manga centers around Teruasa Oda, a high school senior gifted in smarts, looks, and money. This seemingly perfect scion of Japan's powerful Oda Group gets caught in a nightmarish game with the son of the Belmont mafia family's boss.
Ao no FlagAo no FlagThe "youth pure love" story begins when three students in their third and final year of high school meet during a time when they are worried about paths for their futures. Waiting for them are sweet, painful, and heartrending days.
Anata no Danna Uwaki Shitemasu yo MangaAnata no Danna Uwaki Shitemasu yo MangaThe manga focuses on a hero who is married, but monster girls seeking children of heroic lineage keep coming after him to steal him away. The hero's wife chooses to deal with the monster girls herself.
Assassin's PrideAssassin's PrideIn the world where only the aristocrats have the power to fight the monster – mana. A youth named Kufa is dispatched as a tutor to find Mareida’s talent, a nuisance girl born in a duke’s family. If she is not talented, assassinate her. – that, is the dark side of his task…….
Almadianos EiyuudenAlmadianos EiyuudenIn a world known as Dormant, a man who is the closest to being god, Bernst is in anguish. From his youth he climb to the strongest, united and ruled that world, but now all that left of him is vanity. Spending all his days in neverending victories and glory didn't quench his thirst for the...
Argate online MangaArgate online MangaIzu Takashi was just playing the online game -Argate Online- like usual, but he suddenly noticed something strange, his level is now....!! Also he can not log out and the pain reduced funtion does not work.....
Amano Megumi wa Suki Darake!Amano Megumi wa Suki Darake!When you realize it, there are many people who are addicted to her!! Be careful of Megumi Amano's carelessness!!
Aharen-san wa Hakarenai MangaAharen-san wa Hakarenai MangaFrom the author of Denkigai no Honya-san and Dansai Joshi comes a short-length comedy about Raidou and his seatmate Aharen Reina, who has problems determining how chummy she has to be when approaching other people. Get up close and personal with the small, quiet but unfathomable girl, Aharen-san!
Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou MangaArifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou MangaArifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou Manga Summary: Among the class transported to another world, Nagumo Hajime is an ordinary male student who didn’t have ambition nor aspiration in life, and thus called “Incompetent” by his classmates. The class was summoned to become heroes and save a...
Arcadia of the Moonlight MangaArcadia of the Moonlight Manga
A Trail of Blood MangaA Trail of Blood MangaThe illusion of that person leads me astray. Mother and son. This is the ultimate favoritism.
All Out!! MangaAll Out!! MangaGion Kenji is short and perpetually pissed off about it. Iwashimizu Sumiaki is tall but timid. Although it's bullies that bring this unlikely pair together on the first day of high school, it's the rugby club that will make them friends.
Automata MangaAutomata Manga
Arago MangaArago MangaThe story centers around two twins, Arago and Yuan, whose parents were slaughtered by monsters. Years later, the vengeful Arago crosses paths with Yuan, who has since become a police officer, just as blood begins to flow again in the streets of London.